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May 30, 2012
@ 2:10 am
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I’m baaaaack!!!

Hello friends.  I am sorry for the hideously long delay in updating my blog, but I’m back in the United States now and have a ton of new updates to share with you.

For starters, my blog has been officially moved to my website.

I’d love for you to come take a look.  Here are a couple of highlights for you:

  • I launched an import business featuring jewelry, handbags, and artwork I discovered  during my travels.  Here are a few samples of what’s available in my store.  
The Elegant Bad@ss
The Legends
The Contortionist
So Clutch - Silver with Silver Beads 
So Clutch - Brown
The Knock Out
The Sexy Beast
  • I am authoring my memoir entitled Leap due in 2013.  There’s a wonderful story about how this opportunity came to me, which you can read about here.  This picture, which was taken of me jumping into Devil’s Pool on the edge of Victoria Falls, is going to be the cover.  It’s kinda perfect, don’t you think?  
  • My brothers and I dedicated a permanent exhibit on bats to the Chattahoochee Nature Center in our hometown of Marietta, Georgia to honor our mother’s legacy as an educator.  You can access the full blog post here.  

Thank you all for staying in touch and for all the wonderful words of encouragement and support you’ve given me along the way.  I hope you’ll continue to follow my blog at its new home:

Huge hugs and please keep in touch!